My 5 Staple Boots for this Season!


If there is something the last few seasons has taught me,

£89.99 from Zara

it’s time to reconnect with those, cringe worthy style

options from the past. If you think I am talking about

Dior’s monogrammed Saddle Bag, you’re wrong.

I loved it then, and I still love it now! Right now, I am

talking white boots! However, these boots

had me as soon as I tried them on! It’s as though

I heard them say, “I told you, you’d like me.” They are

actually my guilty pleasure. The guilt, being driven by my

poor judgement for them in the past!




A leopard can’t change its spots!

Animal Print is everywhere! I think, it’s taken over Rainbow everything!

I am such a fan of rainbows but I have to admit, I’ll be glad to see the back of rainbow clothing for a while!

Again, like any animal print it’s a love / hate relationship. I quite like the snake skin, but I do prefer the leopard print.

Now if like me, you appreciate animal print, but can’t commit yourself to buying lots of different items in it,

do what I do! I save it for my accessories or footwear! So whether it’s a belt, bag or shoes – go for it! Feel on

trend without the large financial investment! 

And this, also coming from the girl who had

faux leather lilac snakeskin print flares. (I won’t blame you if you had to read that twice!)

So, true to the quote, ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’.

Those animal prints won’t be in my forever collection. Much like those trousers!

Kick the Leaves!

I  do like my fashion and I do have some “out there pieces” but some trends I find hard to follow. So, in those

situations I like to stick to classic style I am comfortable with!

£110 from Zara


There is something about the autumn which always nurtures my need, for

burgundy everything! I love the deep rich colour and it goes with so

many other autumnal 🍂 colours! These boots, from Zara, have a

definite “kick the leaves vibe!” I’m glad to have a leather pair this

year. Last year I had a pretty strong suede boot addiction. This proved

quite the mistake considering, I live in Northern Ireland, where it rains

all the time!




“I told you, you’d like me.”

£38 from Next

Ok these have nothing to do with the fact I purchased the

most amazing Teal Faux Fur Karen Millen coat recently.

Nothing. Nope. Nada!

These look like velvet, but are in actual

fact, fine corduroy. Now, thats another no-no for me

clothes wise. I think I am still haunted by my

corduroy dungaree dress I wore repeatedly

to Sunday School. However boots though, oh boots, I can!

The bold colour brings me back 10 years ago,

when I had the most amazing royal blue velvet

Chanel Knee high boots. I wore them to

complete death. I am so sad those weren’t the days of

smart cameras. I have no picture memories of them!


“How’dy! “

£119 from Zara


Ok, I know cowboy boots are in, but to be honest I still

cringe at the thought of me in a pair during my teens.

I thought I was ‘the girl’! Yes, I am back to my frightening

fashion choice past! If can I jump on the wagon

(like what did there?? ) I do appreciate the western

influence though. So I’ve opted for suede and

an extra large tassel! I don’t think i’ll going back

to my parents house, to search the attic for

my old tan cowboy boots, anytime soon!





‘It’s time to reconnect with those, cringe worthy style options of the past…’

At the end of the day or  back of the wardrobe, I should say! Although, I dont follow every trend, I do admire them on others!

Now, I feel I have shared lots with you guys. Return the favour. Share your fashion nightmare that haunts you, in the comments below!

Victoria Beckham is on the phone. Yes, she still regrets her leather duo with David. You know the one I mean!

Linda xo

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