My Blogging Journey so Far…


When I first announced I was going to be a blogger to my husband, the first thing he asked,

“What is a blogger?”

First of all, I shot him a look as if to say, ‘have you even lived on this planet?’, then I really badly stumbled over an answer! A great start to this blogging malarkey! It’s interesting to discover, that there are over 440 Million blogs in the world. No Pressure.

“You’ve only been bloggimages-1ing  month or so, what’s there to say? Doesn’t it take years to build it up?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ve had a good month so far! Lots of lovely comments and responses to my first post. I set up a twitter account, and I have learned a lot already

I think my main aim, before embarking on a blog was that I wanted to be genuine, transparent, and only really talk about things I honestly liked, or disliked.

Getting ahead of myself (sorry its the business brain), I would not accept payment or gifts from companies who are not “me.” It’s been a popular topic on the blogging scene, especially with transparency of ads and gifts when reviewing a product or service.

Ultimately, selling your opinion for the pay check. I understand that others have to do this, but I am here, for now, purely for my own fun and maybe encourage a few people along the way!

‘I never really read blogs before I started one myself.’

(with the exception of a few friend’s blogs!) – TRUTH!

I felt, I very quickly started to see the advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger, and was really curious to see what other bloggers thought. So, I scrolled through my Instagram feed to uncover what other bloggers out there, really thought of blogging and the Blogging World!

Let me introduce them to you!

Zane @ mrs_ds_lifestyle :


Zane started her blog following the end of her cancer treatment, 6 years ago. Unable to return to work, Zane created a blog which in her words gave her ‘purpose’ at that time in her life.

Since then, her blog has been rebranded, after a short break, as she enters a new chapter in her life. Pssst! She’s getting married!

Best thing about blogging?

The people you meet.  Northern Ireland has definitely become a lot more engaged with blogging compared to 6 years ago when I first started. Through different events and meet ups, I’ve met some amazing people, and made some fantastic friends!

‘I feel like I’m a very small fish in a large ocean but that’s ok, because I don’t want to be a big fish, and feel there’s enough room for all of us in the great big blogging world!’ – @mamas_coffeediaries

image1Wayne @wrookieschu : 

Wayne created his blog after his big move from the UK to Australia, as a way of sharing his adventures with his family and friends.

If you could give one piece of advice on becoming a blogger what would it be?

Don’t be disheartened by statistics, you will be pleasantly surprised who may be reading your  blog under the radar. I may not have the greatest number of subscribers to my blog, but the amount of people that say “I loved your last Blog post” is very satisfying.

‘The worst thing about blogging is the impression some people have of it. People look at bloggers as ‘blaggers’ and for me and lots of the people I know that is really not the case.’ – @scientist_in_the_city


Nicole @dietstartsonmonday01

After spending the best part of a decade putting off starting her blog, Nicole attended a Mindset and Business Coaching session, lead by a friend. It was within this session, Nicole realised that there were two things she wanted to do, Vlog and train! So, on 1st May 2017, Diet Stats on Monday was born!

What is your favourite Social Media platform, and which do you use to promote your blog?

Instagram without a doubt. I love everything about it. I love the ability to share visually beautiful content and tie that to whatever positive message you wish to share. I love that hashtags and trends allow you to search topics that are important to you.

I love the sense of community on Instagram, especially among women. I’m so lucky that some of the people I’ve met on that platform are now people I count as friends. Obviously, you encounter the odd person who has nothing but negative things to say but I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone and what’s more, I don’t want to.

‘Don’t be disheartened by statistics, you will be pleasantly surprised who may be reading your blog under the Radar.’ – @wrookieschu

Emma  @scientist_in_the_city

Emma, feeling a little inspired, followed in her friend’s footsteps and began her own blog. An avid blogger reader herself, the thought never occurred to her until,  as Emma described a “real life’ person whom she knew had created one. Its been a decision she hasn’t looked back on since!


If you had one piece of advice on becoming a blogger, what would it be?

My number one piece of advice would be not to be embarrassed! For too long I hid behind my blog and didn’t tell very many people about it as I didn’t think they would ‘get it’. I won’t lie, a lot of people don’t get it but I love it and I’m passionate about it. It’s not something to be ashamed of! As soon as you stop caring what people think you will start to enjoy it all the more. Most people you tell are actually really impressed and shocked that you have made something so successful and are dare I say it… insta-famous!

‘It can be difficult to crawl out of your

comfort zone and at times friends

and family can be sceptical!’

– @mamas_coffeediaries

IMG_9710 Lisa @mamas_coffeediaries 

After almost drawing the conclusion of thinking, she wasn’t ‘qualified’ to be a blogger, and open to the fact that she hadn’t read a lot of blogs, Lisa finally felt the inspiration to start writing about her interests and lifestyle! Although feeling like a small fish in a large ocean, developing her writing skills again, has been one of her aims in her blogging journey.

Is your Blog for Business or Pleasure?

Definitely pleasure – it is a hobby as such. I certainly don’t plan to make a career out of it as I love my job! I see it as an outlet, an interest, to connect with others and document my ideas and interests.



‘It’s time consuming and at times, it’ s difficult to stay focused and motivated. When that happens, you just have to remember why you started.’



Its amazing after only a few weeks, how much I agree with these guys. Statistics can become a little obsession at the start. It doesn’t help when even your hubby, who doesn’t even know what a blogger really is, only measures your success at it, by the number of Instagram Followers you have! *Face Palms*

It’s clear to see, that blogging is about writing about something you love and are interested in! Not getting paid isn’t a deal breaker, but who doesn’t like a free gift?!

Blogs to me are very much like life’s journey. Everyone has a different reason for starting one, and everyone’s direction, although perhaps sharing the same ‘Genre’ are very different in they way the content is portrayed. This, I think cannot be mimicked. We can all review the same product, but our thoughts and feelings on it are individual. Unique.

So, I am embracing my journey! I acknowledge the fact that my content will not interest everyone, nor my Insta Story ramblings. I hope to find and engage with lots more lovely bloggers and sure, make a few friends along the way!

If you are reading this and thinking whether to start a blog, I say “Why Not?!” As a friend of mine said when I first started, ‘ No one cares, as much as you think they do!’

So, don’t be afraid or embarrassed, get that camera clicking and those keyboard keys tapping!

Linda xo

Special Thanks, to Zane, Wayne, Lisa, Emma and Nicole, who all took time out of their busy lives to help me write this blog, by providing their honest opionions on the blogging world! xx

Zane @ mrs_ds_lifestyle –

Wayne @wrookieschu –

Nicole @dietstartsonmonday01 –

Emma @scientist_in_the_city –

Lisa @mamas_coffeediaries –


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