Friends Fest Glasgow 2018 by Lady Linda


The famous American sitcom “Friends” practically raised me as a child since 2004. Every Friday night Channel 4 was my haven!

It was amazing how over the years, it was Joey who was the heart-throb, then with maturity you moved on to Ross, who was sweet and smart. Then graduating with what I think is an amazing quality in a man. Someone who can make laugh. Could Chandler Bing be any funnier???

Friends Fest was situated in Victoria park, Glasgow. I literally did not know what to expect! I was just excited because I had seen, that some original props were going to be exhibited there. I couldn’t wait to see Huggsy!


You can buy Huggsy replicas from Ebay for around £19.99 if you want to have Joeys bedtime pal too! 

You could pay for general admission, which allowed you access to many photo opportunities, merchandise shop, food carts and bars! The set tour was extra, but who wouldn’t want to go and see the sets?


Vegas Wedding anyone? Reliving the famous Ross and Rachel Wedding! I was delighted to see that props were provided and they had staff in attendance dedicated, to taking photos of you with your own camera or phone!

IMG_2617 2

Shimmy Shimmy! I had to admit I was not dying about sharing this mask with hundreds if not thousands but what a fun fab picture!


Yup! The original Turkey Mask!


After much adventure required a quick pit stop at Central Perk. Who wants coffee?


Joeys Apartment


I am not going to lie, I did give out a little gasp when I saw Joey’s apartment! Its amazing how many little memories come flooding back to you!

I loved the episodes when Chandler and joey lived together, but I have to say the times when he shared the apartment with Rachel are my favourite!



How you Doin’?

Anyone remember Pat the Dog?




Remember the episode when Joey had all his furniture stolen?


Every prop could be touched and ecouraged, but 99% were glued down!

The Hallway


I think my all time funniest scene was the one, which Rachel and Chandler ended up eating the stolen cheesecake off the floor!



Monica’s Apartment


“I grew up with Monica. If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat!

Monica’s Apartment was amazing! It definitely wasn’t just as tidy as she would have liked it though!

The famous purple walls, the sofa, artwork just took you back! I also loved that all the TVs on the sets had ‘Friends” playing!




This was a fun episode when the Geller-Bing Engagement was announced! 




See ya Monica! We’re to Ross’ Apartment!

Ross’ Apartment


The famous apothecary table from pottery Barn!



This was my attempt to recreate that scene when the girls got Ross back for the “Unagi” self-defence scare tactics!

Another amazing thing was that you were able to recreate some famous scenes from the show.




I went to the tanning place your wife suggested.

 Was that place the sun?

The “Pivot’ scene was actually voted by viewers to appear in Friends fest! Don’t worry we didn’t really have to lift the sofa! It was on a mechanism which allowed it to tilt!



Science Boy! Ross’s childhood comic book which Phoebe stole from him!

Some amazing Facts!


An amazing fact I learned was that, Helen Baxendale,  who played Emily in Series 4-5 actually had to finish her role because she was pregnant and she wished to bring her children up in England. The original story line was that Ross and Emily would get happily married, not the cliff hanger plot twist we were let with. Imagine how differently things would have turned out if she had stayed?

Gladys, Phoebe’s horrifying work of heart which featured in the Final season has an estimated worth, of wait for it… $18,000. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be chasing that piece of merchandise!

Although the show was set in New York, it was actually filmed in Los Angeles!

The show reportedly had various names thrown at it like, Six of One, Across the Hall and Friends Like Us, before the shortened name of ‘Friends’ was decided on.

Bruce Willis appeared on the show for free, after losing a bet to Mathew Perry!

Staff at friends Fest, had to be specially trained by a team from Universal Studios to handle all the props. The are also the only persons, who are allowed to touch the items!

Final Thoughts…

Gosh I LOVED ‘Friends’. I had a pencil case and even got Rachel’s layered hair cut!  The last episode makes me cry every time. There is also not a week goes by that I don’t watch friends, sometimes its watched every day!

I highly recommend this event! Tickets start at £27.50. The food and drinks, I found were really reasonably priced! Also I found the whole event really well run, and real thought had been put into, allowing you to get great pictures!

Staff were upbeat and friendly and facilities ( sorry there were port-a-loos ) were the best you were going to get at such an event! There is a large portion of it out doors so remember that before heading down!

Tickets are still available for Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton!

Book Tickets here! 


Linda xo

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  1. Shivani Robinson
    July 17, 2018 / 1:48 pm

    Fabulous! Loooved Friends….and still do!! Great review on it. Looks like you had fun. ☺🎉👌

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