Advice To My 17 Year Old Self

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The perfect way to begin my blogging career, yes career. We are going to call it that, and now that it’s out, perhaps it may come true. I’d like to write a few words of advice to my 17 year old self. Why 17? Well, it seems to be an age, I feel was a real turning point in my life. It was the end of my childhood as I knew it, before storming into becoming a legally responsible adult at 18 years old.

So here goes!

Take care of your skin, as you get older it will become your obsession. And stop going to bed with your makeup still on!!!

Appreciate the figure you have, because the older you get the harder it will be to keep.

Stop binging on crisps and eating pasta! It’s a habit that your 34 year old self does not want to deal with!

Don’t waste time thinking of a tattoo design, you won’t get one done anyway!

Think before you speak. You really are a bucket beak sometimes, and you should start  practicing now, to avoid trouble down the line.

Keep your hair blonde, you only waste time and money changing the colour, to always going back to blonde anyway.

Stop biting your nails, you hate it and you won’t be able to afford manicures for a while.

Try and work harder at school, you will do well anyway, but theres always room for improvement.

Be braver, a little less shy and speak up more!

Learn to let things go, it will serve you well in life, so master this now!

GHD hair straighteners will change your life – buy them sooner!

Try and be tidier, because life is one big long mess you have to tidy up,and you don’t like it now and you won’t later either.

Be a little more daring, your parents would have let you away with a lot more #softtouch

Procrastinate less, you will get more done! The stress of not doing something is not worth it!

Spend less time trying to fit in, and more time standing out!

Stop obsessing over boys. They do not think they way we do. FACT. There are no hidden meanings in the text messages they send you. 

Don’t waste time trying to get into bars, only to be turned away, you’ll be 18 soon and will have plenty of time to drink until to you are sick. I’d like to say you will learn, but you won’t. You never know how that last drink will affect you. It’s different every time, and it’s a science that no one has cracked.

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Kiss the frogs, it will give you and your friends something to laugh about for years to come!

Try and save more money and stop buying stupid rubbish you don’t need!

Choose friends wisely, quality is better than quantity!

School drama is not worth the stress, because as soon as you are finished with it, you will forget all about it!

Drink. More. Water.

Read more books, you do pretty well with that but there are so many more to read!

Listen to your gut more, it will be right more than you realise!

Let you parents think they are right, they are harder to listen to if you say they aren’t!

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You will fall in and out of love a few times, but don’t worry you’ll find your “Mr Big” just like Carrie.

Enjoy your time at University and take the student loan, it will be the cheapest interest rate you will ever get!

Stop over plucking your eyebrows! Big eyebrows come back and you will kick yourself when, you can’t get yours to grow back. And yes, painting them on everyday is NOT fun!

Don’t waste time applying for jobs you don’t want, when you can get the job you do want.

Trust me, the things you worry about today, will make you laugh about when you are older.

Owning your own home is awesome. Paying for it is not, so start saving!

Let your friends talk you into more, you’re such a “goodie-goodie”

Worry less about what people think, because they don’t care as much as you think they do!

Start that business when you have the idea, don’t wait.

You are going to be so lucky in many ways when you get older, try not to be ungrateful for the little things.

Never sunbathe without sunscreen. June 2005, will teach you that!

Facebook… Just wait and find out!

You will make and lose friends, but the ones that remain will be the most interesting ones of all, and you will have them tortured!

People will always be strange. You’ll learn to not let their behaviour even bother you.

Lastly, learn to love yourself, and live your life with your eyes wide open.

The world has lots to see.

Linda xo

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